Department of Sense Organs Classrooms


The departmental structure includes classrooms for the use of professors, students, residents, PhD students, and research fellows which are equipped with video / PC projectors, desktop computers, laptop computer connections, audio amplification, conference microphones, and projection screens.

Classroom booking requests can be submitted to the administrative office on the first floor of the Otorhinolaryngology building (PL021) or by contacting Cristina Luccioli (tel. 06-49976705).

In order to reserve a classroom for events outside the normal departmental activity, a classroom request form must be submitted in compliance with the University regulations and the terms of use.

All reservations must be submitted in advance and approved by the Delegated Administrative Manager, Maria Laura Pittalis (tel . 06-49976706).


Otorhinolaryngology building (PL021)
Basement classroom (30 seats)
Ground floor classroom (30 seats)
Classroom A (160 seats)
Fifth floor classroom (30 seats)


Oculist building (PL001)
Classroom A (180 seats)
Classroom B (30 seats)
Classroom C (30 seats)


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